Completed Developments

Property Holdings Ltd. has a long, comprehensive track record in the business of residential land sales in Barbados.  From 1978, we have consistently delivered high quality land developments and completed every project we started to the attainment of the Certificate of Compliance from the Chief Town Planner, indicating that all aspects of the development met and in most cases surpassed the requirements of his Department.


Through the years we have worked with both C. O. Williams Construction and Rayside Construction in the building of top quality asphalt roads with concrete kerbs professionally installed, and the most efficient drainage systems put into place.


In our most recent development – Clermont Meadows in St. Michael, which is very near to Queens College, we also have the option for purchasers to use Natural Gas for their cooking needs, as the mains have been laid throughout the development.


We have a record of installing Street Lighting, and when we pay for the usual electricity supply to be installed in our developments, we pay for Street Lighting to be installed as well, providing a safe environment for our clients.


Our signs are manufactured locally from high quality aluminum with reflective ground and lettering, and most of the fittings are specially imported to ensure the maximum endurance.


We at Property Holdings Ltd. understand that anyone purchasing a lot to build their dream home is not just paying for an item.  They are depositing on a lifestyle and taking a positive step in their careers and lives; building an investment for themselves and future generations to enjoy.  Your dreams do matter to us!


Here are some of the developments we have shared over the years:


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